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Ah, yes! I am resuming my touring destinations around the globe. Hello gentlemen, my name is Stephanie.

Many will probably wonder why Gstaad? It is a small ski village in Switzerland. Exclusive yes, but small. Hardly a big Metropolis where a tour is worth the effort. But you see, I love Gstaad. It is one of my ” feel good” places to visit. I have no idea why I have taken a shine to Gstaad, but ever since I was a guest here, and I look forward to coming back again and again. So I figured, why not tour here discreetly and quietly? 

Yes, it is not the best place for a tour logistically some would say, and works best  if you have a FMTY request here. But Gstaad does receive many International travellers, so you never know. ( So many sexy Italians… wow) 

Even as a Touring Escort globally, I dont tour like most ladies. Most, will not even see the city they are touring in because they are only working and sleeping. I dont tour that way, and never have.

I like to tour cities I enjoy as a tourist. I like to explore the cities and get to know them 50% of the time. And so my availability in any one place is only half the time I am there.

Luxury Travel Companion Gstaad

Part of the whole experience for me is to stay in really really nice hotels. And Switzerland has some of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Gstaad is no  different.  I do have a favourite one, however I would like to try them all! Hopefully, come back many many times to be able to try them all.

Because I am a ” low volume ” type of lady, I always give preferences to lunch, dinner and overnight requests to meet.

Of course, If I accept a lunch date or a dinner date, I dont accept any more requests to meet on that particular day. Hence ” low volume” type of companion. less is more. Quality over quantity, and you should be able to read between those lines.

My preference is to spend time with more mature, discerning gentlemen. They just appreciate more of what i bring to the table. I have more in common with gentlemen that have life experience under their belts. I am mature, so it makes sense to me.

Conversation just flows better, and they appreciate a woman, more so then a girl.

Anyhow, I am coming to Gstaad soon, let’s meet when I arrive. If you prefer an earlier date, FMTY is always an option. Happy to travel to Gstaad before a tour.

Tel – + 61 400 992 626

email –

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